My final Space Scoop

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I am happy to share that the latest Space Scoop I wrote for UNAWE is finally up on their site here – “Your Weather Report from Across the Galaxy“. Sadly this is my last Space Scoop from my work at UNAWE. I wrote this over a month ago and was under embargo for a while until the paper was released in Nature, now published in the 30th January issue. This Space Scoop is based on a Press Release from ESO and reports on this research paper by I. Crossfield et al.

Many thanks to my friends, Oksana Tvorun and Yonatan Shapira (and his wife, Avishag Amit) who are now translating into Ukrainian and Hebrew, respectively.

Image caption: Artist’s impression is based on the first ever map of the weather on the surface of the nearest brown dwarf to Earth.

Image credit: ESO/I. Crossfield/N. Risinger (