Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons


On Saturday, following the ISU Rocket Launch, a few of us made our way to Region Lorraine for the Mondial Air Ballons (World Air Balloons).

It was very much an impromptu visit. Our colleague, Michael, only booked the hire car at 11:30pm on Friday night and sent the e-mail out soon after. I immediately jumped at the chance to go to this. Other than my department trips, I hadn’t managed a trip outside of Strasbourg, so it was a perfect opportunity to escape Strasbourg and explore some countryside.


Nearby countryside


Nearby sign posts

Chambley, in the region of Lorraine, just outside of Metz was about 2.5-3 hours from Strasbourg. We left the ISU rocket launches at 3:15pm and after half an hour trying to leave Strasbourg (on last day of the sales, we later realised) we arrived at the aerodrome.

A very pleasant drive through Lorraine, the region was a spectacular sight among the soaring heat.


Fields of sunflowers

Chambley aerodrome sign

Chambley aerodrome sign

After some delay, the balloons finally were inflated.

Hot air balloons just being inflated

Hot air balloons being inflated

The sky was suddenly full of a multitude of colour among the blue sky. Here’s a very British balloon I photographed.


It was quite surreal to have so many balloons flying around you. Powered by no engines, they just blew past silently, sometimes above your head. It was a great feeling to have those people fly past, waving back at them.



Established in 1989, Lorraine Mondial is the world’s largest hot air balloon gathering.

IMG_9926**Update** 1st August: Day in Pictures “More than 400 hot-air balloons in Chambley-Bussieres, eastern France, attempt to set a world record for collective taking-off.”