Le Jardin des Deux Rives



At the weekend we decided to enjoy a bit of sun, “French-style”. As the weather was so nice, we went to a nearby park (less than 30 minutes from our residence) in Le Jardin des Deux Rives (the garden on both sides). As the name suggests, there are two sides, separated by the River Rhine which divides France and Germany. There is a footbridge we can walk across to enter into Germany.

We enjoyed some good cheese and wine, along with a baguette. I could get used to this!


Sunday afternoon picnic with SSP participants


Alsace wine with cheese


Saint-Felicien made with raw milk mold ladle

Later that evening we were treated to a free open-air concert called “Symphonie des Deux Rives” performed by theĀ Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg (Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra). At the finale, there was a spectacular fireworks display.


Concert stage


Spectacular fireworks at concert

Apparently these free open-air concerts are quite common, so I look forward to more of these.