To boldly go….


Today I embark on a new adventure…. to the International Space University (ISU) 26th Space Studies Programme (SSP) in Strasbourg, France.

I will be writing about it on my blog here as frequently as I am able. You can also follow my Twitter stream @rjmlaird.

Later this evening I fly out to Strasbourg from the UK, unfortunately a bit later than scheduled registration due to travel restrictions. I’ll find out where I am living for the next nine weeks. Tomorrow I will get to register and we will have our “orientation”. Then will be a good chance to meet people from the programme. I am told we have about 100 people; seven I know are from the UK. It seems like a pretty relaxed first day.


Credit: Andreas Trepte,

On Monday, we will have our formal introductions to staff and hear logistics, as well as have the chance to mingle with each other at the start. I am intrigued that we are scheduled to have a “boat tour”. Seing pictures such as these above, I am really looking forward to it. The city looks beautiful. We will later enter the European Parliament in Strasbourg, have our class picture taken and then the opening ceremony will begin from 17:30 CET (16:30 BST). Apparently it will be broadcast LIVE online here:

Here is last year’s Opening Ceremony of the 25th Space Studies Programme at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Following the Opening Ceremony, we will have a reception to conclude the day’s main activities. On Tuesday it seems the real work will begin.

Throughout the SSP, tweets will be “beamed” on this Twitter wall, so take a look at the tweets on there. Stay tuned!