Save the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

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I was alarmed this morning to read that “Manchester’s most popular visitor attraction could close in order to keep the London Science Museum open.” I urge you to please sign this petition!

Science and industry are at the forefront of global news headlines with ground-breaking technology and scientific possibilities being explore unlike ever before. Science covers an incredibly wide range of topics, many of which are relevant to our everyday lives as well as the Universe beyond.

The continuance of amazing scientific discoveries will depend on intellectual talents of the generations rising to the challenge of developing the innovative and revolutionary methods and technology required.

My field of study at University was inspired by amazing physics teachers, my fascination with physics and space, and numerous visits to sites such as the National Space Centre, National Science Museum, Royal Greenwich Observatory and Manchester’s MOSI.

Manchester, in particular, has achieved great success in the field of physics, with the electron (J. J. Thomson, 1897), proton (Rutherford, 1917), neutron (James Chadwick, 1934) all being discovered by scientists educated (Chadwick and Rutherford) or born (Thomson) in Manchester. Most recently the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Prof. Andre Geim and Prof. Konstantin Novoselov “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”.

We should not hold all museums in London and it would be hugely disappointing to close MOSI which has been a home to many of the great breakthroughs in science and could further inspire generations to come.

With a greater investment in science and technology, it would be a great shame to close a museum of this nature – be it MOSI or the National Science Museum in London. It would be unthinkable that at a crucial time of investment in science projects and industry (such as £1.2bn for space) that the museums which inspired us would be forced to close.

Audio by @ScienceMuseum Director, Ian Blatchford, on possible museum closure on The World at One, @BBCRadio4—

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