Space Generation Congress


Source: Space Generation Advisory Council

Recently it was my great delight to receive the news I have been selected to attend the Space Generation Congress (SGC) 2012 in Naples, Italy in September among some top 130 students and young space professionals internationally. SGC is proudly endorsed by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs. It is a great honour to be selected for such a fantastic opportunity.

Not only that but after applying for a small grant from the Royal Astronomical Society, they are kindly supporting my attendance for the entire Congress.

I have been invited to participate in one of these working groups within the Space Generation Advisory Council. The results will be shared with the UN, various agencies, industry and academia. Here is a link to the report from last year’s Congress. 

In April, I was selected by their Executive Council as UK National Point of Contact for SGAC (see more about my work with SGAC on my SGAC page) – a volunteer role. The Congress would be a fantastic opportunity to engage with SGAC’s work in focusing on these key space topics.

The Congress will be discussing five themes:

  1. Industry – Space Transportation
  2. Agency – The International Space Station
  3. Society – Space for Humanitarian Relief
  4. Exploration – Communications for Exploration
  5. Earth Observation – Space Resources for Water Management

On my application I selected Industry – Space Transportation and Exploration – Communications for Exploration. At the time of writing I am yet to hear which I shall be discussing.

I have been an active Fellow in recent years. I was very thankful to the Royal Astronomical Society in selecting me for the role of UK Student Representative for the International Year of Astronomy 2009, where I attended UNESCO in Paris, France for the opening ceremony. Since then I have built a huge range of international links. I am very thankful for their support yet again. I am still in touch with a great many fellow student representatives, as far reaching as New Zealand, India and Canada. In fact, it is through the friends and colleagues I have made through that event which led me to SGAC.

I am currently Secretary of UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) (see also my UKSEDS page) and aim to continue my activities in supporting a forum through which students can become involved in the international space community. We aim to promote the exploration of space and the research and development of space-related technologies. There are many crossovers to my outreach work with SGAC as the voice of the young space generation.

SGAC has provided an opportunity for me to carry on these international links, build further bridges and enable me to promote UK astronomy for the younger generation internationally. Please see our country page. My aim this through this Congress is to engage with SGAC’s work as a leading, UN-supported international forum for injecting the voice of students and young professionals on matters of space policy.

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