Sir Patrick’s Picnic

astronomy, BIS, SGAC, travel, UKSEDS

It was a great privilege once again to attend Sir Patrick Moore’s picnic at his home at Farthings in Selsey, West Sussex, along with the British Interplanetary Society.

The entrance gate to Sir Patrick Moore’s home.

For my international friends and audience, Sir Patrick Moore is a British amateur astronomer who has attained prominent status in astronomy as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter, and is credited as having done more than any other person to raise the profile of astronomy among the British general public.

Left to right: Me, Jane MacArthur (fellow SGAC UK NPoC), Richard Painter (UKSEDS Project Officer), Nancy Hine (UKSEDS Vice-Chair). Below: Sir Patrick Moore.

Many thanks go to the British Interplanetary Society for organising this. It was fantastic the weather held off and was particularly warm – great weather for a picnic.

See my complete photos on the UKSEDS Facebook page, here.

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