New look Google Calendar – PLEASE revert back to “Classic” look!

Google, rantings

If any Google employee actually reads this, I would like to add to the clamour and make a few comments about the new look Google Calendar:

1) The implication of the way this has been introduced (and the withdrawal of the Calendar classic look) is that we, your users, are wrong and that the Google Calendar designers are right and the changes are indeed “improvements” as your Google Calendar blog suggests.  I have long been a fan of Google’s web apps and over the years have welcomed many of the visual and functional changes that have been introduced.  When they help usability, they are not “frustrating”, even if there is a learning curve involved.  But most of the new look Google Calendar changes are crudely done, and a huge step backwards in usability.

2) JUST ONE EXAMPLE: Given that you, a Google employee, may read this and might possibly be in a position to pass the message on to the development team, please let me take this opportunity to highlight just one of the many usability downgrades to Google Calendar that the new look has wrought.
If you select RED (that’s the 3rd colour along the top row of the 5×4 colour grid) as the colour for a particular calendar, the text colour is black.  This is virtually illegible.  It is childishly obvious that a darkish background like shade of red should have a contrasting colour for the text (white is the obvious choice) so that it is easily legible against the dark background.  How can this sort of blunder get through your supposed testing?  It beggars belief. The same thing applies for other darker colours like blue (that’s row 3, col 4 in the grid).  .

3) In other efforts to provide you with feedback, I have completed the survey and have tried to give feedback via the “Send feedback” button.  The Send feedback experience is less than ideal and it is therefore much easier to comment in the Calendar help forums.  Let me qualify that last statement.  It USED TO BE much easier to send feedback via the Calendar help forums but now that Google Groups has been “improved” with the new look, it has become slow, buggy (with Unresponsive script error messages appearing) and often unintuitive.  If you find that hard to believe, try opening this page in Chrome which is a long discussion with most of the participants disliking the new look.:!category-topic/calendar/new-ideas/Xy22AJBCfkI
The new look Google Groups is absolutely awful and there doesn’t seem to be a forum to report this.

I have taken time out to write this because I feel it’s important that you take note of your users’ criticisms.  A passing glance at the forums will show you how annoyed we are with all this. We want to use Google Calendar but if you keep foisting these sorts of changes upon us and don’t communicate properly via the forums, then you will eventually drive away your loyal users. A few words go a long way to reassure your users that their pleas are not being made in vain.   Come on, Google, you must be able to do better than this!

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