The price of convenience – is it always worth it?

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I was thinking it’d be nice to have all my music, podcasts and some videos in one place. I have been pondering that for a while. 
I have a 4GB Creative Zen and that is great – especially as it has an SD slot for extra storage. It plays videos, stores photos and even syncronises contacts and your calendar. The caveat though is that extra music storage won’t carry on playing on an SD card, unlike when it is stored on the player.
When I think of it, most of the time I will listen to music on either my computer or Spotify. I’m not one of these people who ALWAYS has to be playing music while out in public, unaware of my surrounds. Just sometimes it is nice to have everything at the touch of a button.
I have often wondered whether the price of convenience is worth it. I remember when growing up, you had to decide on a select number of cassette tapes – typically 30 or 45 minutes each side, and then you couldn’t skip ahead to the next track without winding forward randomly. Then we had to choose among our CD collections – a great capacity album, yet still could be a bulk to carry.
Now we have MP3 players which are so small one could easily swallow one e.g. the iPod nanos. 4GB just doesn’t seem enough now, but yet I wonder is it really a trouble to delete and transfer files between my computer and MP3 player? When I think of what we had to do just 15 years or so ago, it is far more convenient – yet is £112+ worth it?
As a friend said to me from her experience, iPods really are awesome – although I have managed without one for the last 11 years. I am an avid music fan although I do manage well with Spotify,, occasionally Grooveshark – but mainly my own iTunes on my computer. I don’t wish to become a total social recluse in public. Where I do enjoy listening to music outdoors occasionally, there is nothing better than taking in the sounds of nature and atmosphere of a place – whether it be town, city or village.
Really, what is the price of this convenience? £112 might be a fair price for a second-hand 120GB iPod (as seen in the retail shop, CEX), but perhaps one loses the value of much, much more…?
Rant over.

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