Leaving Facebook


Dear friends,

How are you doing? I hope work is going well and you are able to enjoy
the summer.

Some of you noticed my Facebook status. I have strongly considered leaving Facebook for some time. A few friends have done the same recently, so I don’t feel completely alone on this. It has become a great distraction; at a time I am behind my PhD through recent (personal) events, I feel it is best avoided. I see why it has become so popular, especially among our age group. Those were whom it were focused on – students at university, as a way to connect. We have since completed our undergraduate degrees and I feel that many people likewise, use it less and less. I have found lately there is too much to filter through before I concern myself with the types of things I am interested in. I see Facebook as a great platform to share photos
and organise events. That was what Facebook mainly started doing, although in my opinion it has grown to such an extent it is out of control. Everybody these says seems to use it, especially as it does more than enable the sharing of photos and organising events…..and that is the problem. I find it worrying how we’re all sharing our personal information on one site. I have been a Facebook user since around 2005 and I have seen it develop so much (not necessarily for the better). There are so many applications and quizzes etc., that it is pure overload. It is easy to be sucked into all this without realising sometimes, but I find it is best to pull the plug. Some say it is a matter of self-control – perhaps. I have ensured I have the
contact details for all those who I still want to remain “connected” with (mostly here). I’ll take a much needed break from the site as I have deleted my account. I know I can find all these friends easily enough with the import features that are available. In time, perhaps I will start from scratch and keep to those I *really* want to be in touch with, more regularly. I don’t see any real disadvantage of e-mail and for now I want to keep it simple.

I guess many of you have won the poke war! ;p Please feel free to e-mail me on this address from now on.

All the very best,

Ryan x

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