The UK Space Conference 2010, ‘TOWARDS A NEW UK SPACE AGE’-NCY

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Something that may be of interest to many involved/interested in astronomy and space like myself. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year due to work commitments, but like last year I’ll be helping out leading up to the conference.

Please see the following:


Dear All,

The UK Space Conference 2010,


Will be held at Charterhouse School from March 24th to March 28th.

  • The best speakers
  • The latest developments
  • A celebration of UK achievement in Space
  • An opportunity not to be missed.

Online registration is now open at.

With Lord Drayson’s announcement that there will be a new UK Space Agency the UK is entering period of major change. This is a period both of possibility and challenge for the UK Space Industry and for Space Research. We appear to be entering a golden age for Space based Astronomy and Exploration. The government has heaped praise on the UK Space Industry and are setting ambitious targets for future growth. However, the state of Government finances and the urgent need for a new generation of Scientists and Engineers mean that the new UK Space Agency will be launched with serious challenges and the need for decisive leadership and support from the UK Space Community.

The first day, the 24th, will be for School children, Teachers and the History parallel.

The Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society will be running a day symposium on Earth Observation on March 25th, along with the second day of Nuclear and Rocketry History.

Space Science, Space Industry parallel will run on the 26th and 27th with sessions on Space Policy and careers aimed at students.

The Space Education Trust Symposium for those involved in teaching about Space is on the 26th.

The British Interplanetary Society Human Spaceflight will be on the 27th.

Also on March 27th, there will also be the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards to celebrate significant achievements by individuals and organisations in the UK Space Community.

The Mars Society and The Planetary Society will both have sessions on the 28th.

There will be a Public day on the 28th when we will be inviting the general Public to come and see demonstrations, exhibitions and presentations on the successes of the UK Space Community.

With the government announcement that there will be a National Space Conference in 2011 it is possible that this will be the last UKSC held at Charterhouse. Whilst the launch of a new Space Agency and the possibility of a change not only of Minister but of Government later this year makes plans for 2011 at least susceptible to further change we should make sure that this years conference is the best ever &. Just in case it really is the last,





Confirmed Speakers include:

Mr. George Abbey Former Director of the NASA Johnson Spaceflight Center

Professor Richard Holdaway Director the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Lembit Opik MP

Reg Turnill ex BBC Aerospace Correspondent

British Interplanetary Society

Human Space Flight Symposium

Dr. Nick Patrick NASA (British) Astronaut
Please Nick s presence will be dependent on the schedule for STS 130 not being changed.

Dr. Wendell Mendell The Manager Office for Human Exploration Science NASA

Also appearing will be Dr. Helen Sharman

Space Science Parallel

Dr. Chris Castelli Head of the Space Science Group STFC

Professor Dave Cullen Cranfield University

Jeremy Curtis BNSC

Martin Ditter, Director of ESA Harwell

Dr. Dave Parker, BNSC Director of Space Science

Professor David Southwood Director of Science Robotic Exploration the European Space Agency

Fred Taylor Halley Professor of Physics Oxford University

UK Space Industry Parallel

Alan Bond CEO Reaction Engines

Dr. Craig Clarke Clyde Space

Neil Dunbar Astrium

Dr. Stuart Eves Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

Richard Peckham Astrium Chair UK Space

Paul Stevens DMC

Dr. Ronan Wall ASTRIUM

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (RSP Soc.)
and British Association of Remote Sensing Companies (BARSC)

Remote Sensing Day

Phil Davies SSTL and Vice Chair the Royal Aeronautical Society Space Group

Dr. David Hodgson Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) and Chair of BARSC

Dr. Katherine Giles Centre for Polar Observation and Modeling University College London

Dr. Samantha Lavender ARGANS and Vice Chair RSP Soc.

Professor Alan O’Neill Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation

Professor Alan Smith Director the Mullard Space Science Laboratory

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