The very start of the ‘Canterbury Tales’

ICYA2009, rantings, travel, university

I’m just sat in Starbucks at Stansted waiting endlessly for my flight to Krakow, Poland and I thought I’d share a little piece here.

So, things are finally nearly sorted it seems with the house. After weeks of dealing through a painsakingly tiring process of dealing with the letting agency I have moved in! Thank you Jatin for your tremendous help! The house I feel is lovely and modern. I think it’s a place I can finally relax, unlike being couped up in one room in halls with very basic facilities. My plan now very much is to keep work at work, and to relax at home. I have my room near enough how I want it. The kitchen is very modern and clean-feeling, and a great environment to cook in. The lounge has amazingly comfortable sofas. We have also a nice dining area/conservatory, so set away from the kitchen environment – nice to relax and enjoy food. The garden isn’t too bad, maybe needs a bit of work, but a great environment if we want to have a bbq.

The house is somewhere set rather residential, between the city and the university campus and quite conveniently near certain walkways and cycle routes. There is so much I can’t wait to do. I haven’t been in Canterbury long, but already I find the amazing culture it has with the advantage of being a short journey to Belgium or France; the history with the many museums and sites, the “Garden of England”, the proximity to both the coast and to London, and the range of comedy and theatre performances it hosts, in particular the Gulbenkian Theatre and cinema on campus which I am sure to attend regularly.

Most importantly I’m looking forward to the start of something new and challenging ahead, as much as I can’t help but be a little nervous at the enormity of the whole thing. As soon as I return from Krakow I am due to start. My supervisor is in the process of getting things ready for me. It’ll be so nice to have my own office space, as well as a new Macbook for conferences and observing trips. Already my supervisor is talking of submitting proposals, which as these run on 6 month cycles are due at the end of the month – one of the good reasons to start that bit earlier, to allow me to have a bit of an input if I can.

So for now things are largely on track for what I hope will be the start of many great Canterbury Tales.

A slight side….I shall be departing at 06.10am here to see my fellow young astronomers for our meet in Krakow. While I am there I hope to ‘tweet’ a bit, mainly during the conference with the tag “#ICYA09”, so you can follow me there – my username is “rjmlaird” like my blog. Stay tuned as I shall be writing, probably a more exciting piece here about the conference in the coming week or so. 😉

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