Summer update

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Hi all,

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve blogged and with good reason. I’ve been rather busy sorting out the next stage of my life; a PhD in Canterbury at the Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science, University of Kent.

I went to Canterbury a few weeks ago to sort a place to live. Quite a strenuous affair. It was much a case of making the most of my time there, making appointments to view properties, all-in-all packing everything in as much as possible. I can only thank my supervisor who provided me with access to internet while there which was invaluable to search for properties online, to get access to the Kent Uni student forums and hospitality. After around 12 viewings I’ve thankfully chosen somewhere and I can’t wait to settle in.

It’s been a little manic since, sorting out paperwork, chasing people up and preparing for the move. I look forward to moving to what I feel is a remarkable city; the culture, the history and atmosphere. I recall walking down the main high street and there was a lively mix of music, little market stands, creperies and many museums, all of which I am yet to explore in detail. Over the 3 years I will have in Canterbury I am positive I will have a great experience there. Soon I will move and have that all to soak up.

It is sad to leave Leicester behind however. There are many which I am sure to miss, though hopefully many I shall still see from time to time. We all are moving on and doing exciting things, but we shall be sure to meet again. In fact I have many pictures which I mean to add to Picasa/Facebook though have not had both the time or ability to do it from home. I hope to do it very soon though. In fact I keep meaning to get some photos printed, though other things seem to have taken priority.

Meanwhile I have been trying to make the most of what will probably be the final time of living at home – meeting up with friends mainly and catching up with old faces. It’s been nice just to relax a little before the next major step to hopefully be refreshed come the time I start.

Last week I visited my cousin in Wales and my aunty visited too; nice to have a few days there and enjoy the glory of the countryside. In fact it was a good time to capture some of the Perseids from an almost light-pollution free part of the country, all the way up the mountains in the middle of the countryside. On I went to see my good friend Karen in Bath where we spent the weekend visiting sites in Cardiff and Bath. We visited Cardiff Bay and went to the Doctor Who exhibition (Annemarie, I know you’d have loved this!) amongst others, and saw the castle, museum and Millenium Stadium. In Bath we went inside the Abbey and visited the William Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

…So, much travelling!

And soon I shall be on my travels again. This time to Krakow in Poland for the International Conference for Young Astronomers. I look forward to seeing some old friends from the Paris conference, and to better connect us young astronomers around the world and with professional bodies, as is the aim of the conference. I’m sure in the coming weeks I shall be updating on this quite a lot. It is sure to be a great opportunity.

In the meantime I prepare for starting my PhD in Canterbury. I look forward to starting what seems a very interesting topic and one I am sure will present some great new science. I shall be starting on 21st September, which should prove an interesting and exciting experience.

For now however I bid good night.

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