Facebook rant

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It seems not a week goes by that I do not have to block some stupid Facebook application. Apparently everyone wants me to have a pet, be a vampire, receive a new type of bumper sticker, or support their cause. I am not totally innocent myself. I do join some Facebook apps and will invite friends, but I try to get people who might be interested.

The trouble with most of these applications is that they are cheaply made and highly buggy. I have some myself, a few I use daily, but they are quality made. They don’t randomly crash on me, and they do what they promise.

Facebook applications can be a great way for people to interact, show up some of the things they like, or integrate Facebook with third party programs like Twitter or Flickr. However, they are a dime a dozen and finding a good one is almost like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

I am all for social networking sites and the advancement of technology, but enough is enough. I cannot count the amount of vampire/werewolf invites I get. Not to mention many Facebook apps will send ad space to other cheaper-made apps. Then those apps will make you invite all of your friends before they work for you – not quite as bad now as it used to be.

I’m fed up of receiving stupid quizzes on my mini-feed. 99% of these I will hide or report as spam. I don’t need to say to everyone quite how bad these quizzes are in terms of their quality; bad spellings, repetitions and today I have seen rather offensive material as well. I’m not too bothered about certain “offensive” material, as much as any other person, but I just don’t think it’s acceptable by any means. In particular there should be a way off stopping ALL applications being posted on the minifeed if we so wish. If we want to take a quiz then we should know where to take it and not be spammed with this content continually.

Like I said before, not all of them are evil. There are days some of my friends and I will use Facebook bumper stickers as our primary form of communication. I used to have my Twitter update my Facebook status out of laziness.

So next time you want to send invites to all of your friends to join your vampire army or if you want to post a quiz result to the minifeed, ask yourself: “Do they really care?”

Rant over!

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