Dark times, I feel…

EU, politics

We have a democracy (and rightly so) and it has spoken. Dark times I feel for the UK though.

As many of you will wake up to this morning the BNP have gained two seats in the European Parliament. We should not continue to talk about this, just strongly reflect on the way this can affect Britain! Many people that I know sadly are unaware of the responsibilities MEPs have and the implications they can have on the UK and our place in Europe. It has very important legislation. I’m no expert on that but I know people who know nothing about European politics but perhaps they should.

I think there is a real need to educate the public from school age in a compulsory manner to how politics works in the country. In particular we should have a more informed system of what we are voting for (or not voting for). This should not be done in a way of inflicting opinion on any party at all of course; the role there should be for the politicians to promote their party how they see fit.

I think first however, we majorly need to clean up politics and that will be the way to put the faith back in politics. With such a low turn out I think MPs who have falsely claimed expenses should be ashamed of how they have helped to create such this distrust in politics, so people don’t vote at all or they express anger by voting for an extreme party. We see the record decline in turnout for these elections. The turnout officially estimated at just over 43% was the lowest in the history of the elections. I think the expenses issues in the UK have helped overshadow the more important issues of the EU we face as a country, particularly with such a strong media coverage we have had.

The media I believe really needs to really consider its implications to the country as a whole, particularly with the ease of such worldwide communication and mass coverage, and particularly the BBC being what should be a “neutral” and fair source of news to this country. Last night’s coverage of the election results by the BBC, in my opinion was a completely biased agenda with no hint of objective, fair or reasoned analysis. You expect some media sources to be biased, but not the BBC given the code of conduct we pay for it to abide by.
It really angers me the state British politics is now in, especially given the results of the BNP gains. They have a right to exist unfortunately, as we live in (quite rightly) a free democracy. We need to work with parliament to help ensure the public understand various religious faiths and cultures including particularly the common principles we share; very much the key points in President Obama’s speech in Cairo in fact. I think we share these problems as a world and we need to do that fairly which is the big challenge we face.

Despite my feeling that there is no way a petition is going to shift a democratically elected party, I still recently supported the “HOPE Not Hate” campaign against the BNP by signing their petition I urge you to sign it here: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk !!!

People have voted for the BNP but if we are strong in our beliefs and are defiant, we can ensure we fix this ‘broken’ society and topple the BNP in future elections like this.

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