It’s the final countdown!!! Dee dee doo doo, dee dee doo doo doo…!

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Well I’m coming to the end of my fourth and final year and I can’t quite believe it. I have just finished my exams which is a big relief now. I think it’s been a tough year, but enjoyable none-the-less. I think the projects have been the most enjoyable major difference, as much as they’ve been a lot of work. The style and format is very different to previous years, of course more work for one, but mainly that we have to present posters, give presentations and design a portfolio which probably have made the projects much harder than our previous years especially having little/no experience at these. Nonetheless I feel I accomplished these well and I hope I get a deserving grade. I’ve enjoyed in particular Directed Reading. I enjoy reading in general and I think it’s been an important experience for sorting through material which may or may not be relevant and condensing down the important bits into a logical structure – I think a major importance for a PhD (which I hope to do).

Having more coursework has thankfully meant we have had less exams to revise for which I feel makes the difference. The level however we needed to attain for these exams I think was much higher, as was to be expected from 4th year advancements last year. Overall though I believe they went fairly well overall. There was one hard exam that everyone felt was hard so I do hope there is some compensation for this, though I doubt any scaling will show how I feel the exam could have gone. I guess that is the way exams go sometime…. but hoorah, no more exams (at least for now)!

I’m almost counting down the days until graduation. I can’t quite believe it’s here. It’s been a very memorable 4 years. I remember 1st year and being summoned to a full-on 9.30-5.30 day, 4 days a week of lectures and afternoon practicals for most of the 1st term, though I guess in a sense that didn’t really change much. University life has been something amazing. I can’t quite believe it’s nearly 4 years since I was in the Coppice, part of Beaumont Hall then and before it was refurbished. A lot has happened since then. Even back then the current arrangement of the department was very different, especially upstairs on first floor and we didn’t have those comfy blue and black sofas. I think Pam will be the one person everyone remembers, the “mother” of the department, especially to the first years and making the department a friendly and welcoming place. Of course we’ll all remember those funny lectures and those funny habits and quotes of lecturers we will never forget. In 4 years the university library of course has changed to be more modern and I think I will always remember it’s construction. There will always be the memories of moments shared with friends, never forgotten; those drunken nights out, random things said to one another, silly incidences, parties and much more.

University has been an experience. Academically, Leicester has given me some great opportunities. I’ve been lucky to work in my department doing research for the past two years and through that have been fortunate to become co-author of several scientific papers. Also I’ve had hands-on experience with building a real satellite, worked amongst leading scientists of their field and forged amazing links in astronomy and space. Personally and socially I think the university experience has brought me out more as a person. Various experiences and circumstances have made me realise myself I feel, which I largely had not known.

Soon begins a new chapter in our lives and I hope it is a positive one for many. I have made some good friends over these years and I do hope I will stay in touch with many of these. Facebook, despite its idiosyncrasies in my view, for such purposes of staying in touch with people and finding lost friends I think is an amazing tool. I’m sure many people will go on and do amazing things and I’m sure there will be people we can look back on and remember during these good times, but also fondly during bad times as well.

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