Star Trek

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Following the ‘Star Trek’ movie, there have been various reactions about the movie and much talk about the future of the Star Trek franchise. As some of you may know, I’m quite a Trekkie and have been so for many years, enjoying TOS as well as TNG and Voyager mainly. I’m by no means a walking ‘Trekopedia’ unlike many that can name every weapon, every starship, every actor, character, director to each and every episode but I do very much enjoy the franchise.

The producer J. J. Abrams was the brains behind three very original and successful television franchises (”Felicity”, “Alias”, “Lost”) and enlisted two longtime collaborators (Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman) to write the screenplay. Both writers have worked with Abrams on “Alias” and other projects, including “Mission Impossible III” (2006). They also co-wrote “Transformers” (2007). I was largely sceptical of how these people would proceed with creating an ‘all-new’ Star Trek movie. In many of the more recent Star Trek movies you had writers/producers such as Rick Berman, Brannon Barga, Brent Spiner (Data) and Jonathon Frakes (Will Riker) who have had long roles throughout the modern Star Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY and in case of Barga and Berman ENT). No one of these current crew have that experience with those series on board although this current movie successfully, I believe, portrayed the Star Trek history, pre-TOS very well.

The film left scope for the franchise to continue with an alternate timeline. Whether that will be a good thing, who knows? That is largely a subject of debate I think amongst trekkies if there is a sequel to the current movie. There is talk of this sequel for 2011, though is TBC. I imagine with that in mind it will follow the same cast. I believe most of the entire cast are already signed on to do at least two more sequels. I do wonder myself whether an alternate timeline, yet a simple idea is something largely to blanket the much written history of the franchise and effectively start from scratch. The actors did very much give the persona to the original series characterisations of the classic cast. I think Abrams & co. have also done a very good job in producing the original series for a more modern screening and that this lives up to being perhaps the one of the greatest Star Trek movies of all time. So-called Trekkies and people unfamiliar with the whole Star Trek world will find something to love in this film. Where Abrams & co. will go after this, who knows? I know that which ever direction it takes, as long as it continues I’ll be very pleased it has continues. It will never change my love for the franchise.

Star Trek has had a great long history and for it to continue still I think is a great achievement. I think for a 40 year franchise there are bound to be changes to meet a demand for a different audience and different expectations. TOS, by today’s standards is very ill-equipped technologically, as shows were then. The first two series were on a tight budget, as were shows like Doctor Who in the 1960s. There have been radical advances in technology over the years and times have changed. For this show, its ideals and characterisations to continue on I think is a great thing. I think many people who aren’t so familiar with the franchise don’t see these principles of the show which I think are an important part of Star Trek. I think from many of these we need to still learn from in our world and it could be a better place with its ideals. It is my view that it will be fantastic to open up this franchise to a new generation and share these with the world.

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