Ok, it’s been a while….


I know it’s been a while. I just find it so hard to keep track of updating the blog. A lot of interesting stuff is happening this month though and I intend to post quite a few blogs here and updating the website, so please keep a look out .

I have been selected by the Royal Astronomical Society to represent the UK for the opening ceremony of the IYA in Paris, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation).. A press release from the RAS can be seen here. A live webcast of the ceremony will be available through this link from 15th January 2009. During my visit I intend to take lots of pictures, not only of the event, but also Paris itself!

I also have my driving test coming up shortly, so fingers crossed.

Christmas is over and wow didn’t it fly by? I had a pretty quiet Christmas myself, which was good – nice and relaxing. I met up with a few friends, as you do. A lot of people back home seem to have jobs now or at least have graduated if they went to university and I have lost touch with a lot of people now. I went back to Leicester for New Year celebrations which were enjoyable – a friend’s flat party. We seemed to have had a great time. As the New Year starts, we move on and back into studies. Luckily I don’t have exams this Christmas but my projects are ongoing. They seem to be coming on well I think. Next month my final year projects are coming to a close. I’ll post my work on my research page, so please keep a look out for that.

It wont be long until I graduate now. I’m quite looking forward to getting to the milestone and having a degree. I know I just need to continue on and work hard to make sure I make it a good one. I’m applying for PhDs at the moment, so I’m hoping for a minimum of a high 2.1, but a first would be great.

Anyway, enough of the rant. I hope you enjoy these new webpages and the updates. Please let us know what you think.

Happy surfing.

Ryan ^_^

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